Container for the storage of chemical products, capacity 330 Lt, Mis. Ø 730 x 1510 H mm, vertical cylindrical with truncated conical base inclined at 45 ° self-supporting. Made of plastic (PE) linear non-toxic polyethylene stabilized U.V. for greater protection from atmospheric agents, translucent neutral color. Convex upper part with 260/200 mm hatch. Monolithic tank, that is printed in a single piece without joints and equipped with threaded cover with vent, impressed visual level and eyebolts for lifting. It is equipped with three pockets over 120 ° that facilitate the positioning of any attachments, at the end of the conical part there is a circular area, for the positioning of discharge groups for liquids, and a connection for the positioning of semi-flanges for the positioning of guillotine valves for granules or diaphragm valves for dust. The metal structure is included and supported, painted antacid, it has holes on its base for the possible fixing in position. It can be placed directly on flat surfaces without particular precautions.


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