Trinocular Head Inclined at 45 ° Rotatable at 360 °. with diopter adjustment ± 5 (diopters) and interpupillary distance.
Third output for photo / video applications.
Pair of WF10x / 18mm eyepieces.
160mm DIN objectives 4x / 0.10 – 10x / 0.20 – 40x / 0.65 – 100x / 1.25OIL. (Can be increased)
Nosepiece revolver 4 places (click stop).
Abbe Condenser N.A. 1.25 iris diaphragm / filter holders and adjustable in height.
Shifter double-layer table 132X142 mm range 75x40mm with coaxial controls.
Coaxial macrometric / micrometric focusing with clutch and limit switch.
Focus intensity adjustment system and table height limit stop system to avoid accidental breakage with the glass sample holder.
Division 0.2 / 0.002mm Stroke 20mm
S 3W LED illumination with light intensity adjustment.
Centrable system.

Supplied including CMOS camera model OMC130 (complete with cables, adapters and software)


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